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This 9-week course is designed for both newly licensed and experienced agents who want to implement the foundational systems, strategies and best practices for a successful real estate business and career.
Setting Yourself Up for Success

The purpose of this workshop is to provide newly licensed agents with an overview of the tools and systems needed to build a successful real estate career.  The workshops are designed to be interactive and hands-on with script practice, role-playing, and real-world examples.  You will leave each session with a clear action plan and tasks to complete to implement effective real estate systems.

Topics covered include:

  • Initial business plan & goals
  • Getting Started Checklist & must have tools of the trade
  • Organization, productivity, and time-blocking strategies
  • How to Win the Day and Week
  • Setting up the key online profiles (Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Google)
  • Creating Your Sphere of Influence List and Announcement Cards/Letter
  • Previewing the Inventory and New Homes
Working with Buyers Part 1

In this training workshop, you will learn how to find, qualify and work with buyers to include role-playing and script practice.

  • Understanding the Sales Cycle
  • Finding & Qualifying Buyers
  • Conducting Effective Open Houses
  • Buyer scripts, dialogues, and objection handling
  • Buyer Lead Follow-up and Conversion
  • Setting up property searches; Alerts on your website
  • The Art of Showing Properties
Working with Buyers Part 2

This workshop picks up from Working with Buyers Part 1 and covers how to complete the purchase agreement and all required disclosures/addenda for a sale. We also discuss strategies for getting your offer accepted and negotiating techniques.

  • Completing & Understanding the Residential Purchase Agreement
  • Overview of all required disclosures and addenda for a residential sale
  • Presenting and Negotiating the Offer
Listing Master Part 1

Learn how work with sellers in this training workshop from generating seller leads to follow-up and converting.  Discover the keys to preparing the CMA and pricing a property to sell.  You will also review the IRES listing materials available for customization. Learn how to complete the listing agreement and seller disclosures.

  • Finding & qualifying Sellers
  • Seller lead action plans and follow-up
  • Pricing the Property and the CMA
  • Customizing Your Listing Presentation / Pre-Listing Package
  • Your Marketing Commitment
  • Completing the Listing Agreement / Disclosures
Listing Mastery Part 2

In this workshop, you will practice your listing presentation and handling seller objections.  We also cover marketing & servicing the listing and then negotiating to an accepted offer.

  • Conducting the Listing Presentation / Practice & Role play
  • Seller Objection Handling
  • Marketing & Servicing the Listing
  • Negotiating the offer, counter offers and handling multiple offers
Build and Manage Your Database & Referrals

At the completion of this training, you will have the keys to implementing a powerful client connection plan and how to run your business by referral.

  • Setting up your Client Relationship Management (CRM) System
    • kvCORE
    • Referral Maker
  • Identifying your perfect client(s)
  • Past Client/SOI Connection Plan
  • Your Client Appreciation Program
Closing the Transaction & Escrow Process

In this workshop, we cover everything you need to know to successfully close an escrow.  You will share checklists and systems to customize for transaction management and getting client reviews.

  • Understanding the Escrow Process A to Z
  • Sale Checklist
  • Listing Sold Checklist
  • Post-Closing Follow-up Plans
  • How to Get Client Reviews
Lead Generation & Marketing

This training workshop covers the variety of methods and strategies (beyond working your client database) to generate leads from traditional marketing to online sources.  We will discuss how to select and effectively market to a niche.

  • Four Pillars of Lead Generation (Database, Farming, Social Media, Networking)
  • Traditional marketing and lead gen (FSBO, Expireds, Just Listed/Solds)
  • Niche/specialty marketing
Online Presence and Social Media Marketing

It is critical to control and manage your online presence!  In this workshop, we cover the basics of social media and the key real estate sites you need to be on for your business.

  • You Are Being Googled – Owning Your Name On Google
  • Seven must have sites/profiles (Places for client reviews)
  1. Zillow.com
  2. Realtor.com
  3. Homes.com
  4. LinkedIn.com
  5. Facebook Page
  6. Google My Business
  7. Yelp.com
  • Social media basics (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Social media marketing plan

Beyond Boot Camp, you will have all of the power of WBNL Coaching to keep you on track and moving forward!


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Gain insights, valuable tips & best practices from top producing real estate agents & team leaders to experts on social media, technology for business, life balance & well-being. We are committed to delivering a topical workshop each month to keep you on track & ahead of the game.

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